With over 30 years in the electronics and software industry, I can offer a wide range of skills to advance your project.


  • application software (Windows and/or Linux)
  • web applications to interface with data or hardware
  • embedded software for tiny/small devices (PIC/Atmel …)
  • structured data (SQL database design)
  • data analysis (Python/pandas etc)


  • interfaces for analogue/digital sensors and data capture
  • analogue and digital design (including PCB layout)
  • prototyping and proof-of-concept
  • audio

Systems and Project

  • problem analysis and solution/system design
  • integration of system components
  • project risk analysis and implementation strategy
  • design verification
  • solutions for production test and compliance
  • realistic planning for timescales

I began my career in the pro-audio industry, and I do occasionally carry out audio restoration, design and repair. More about that here.